Privacy policy

When you use the Greenspace Hack app and voluntarily submit observations about a greenspace, these observations will be recorded in our Greenspace Hack database. This includes your categorisation and ratings of the greenspace, and any photograph and location that you have chosen to enter. No personal data is stored in our database or redistributed to third parties - only any observations of the greenspace that you have chosen to submit.

The aggregated greenspace data is published under Creative Commons' CC0 dedication, which is broadly equivalent to placing it in the public domain. We require you to confirm your agreement to this before submitting data.

You may choose to enter a contact name and email address when submitting greenspace reports. This is entirely optional; you only need fill it in if you believe the Greenspace Hack project may want to contact you in relation to your report. If you do, these details will not be used outside the partner organisations listed above.

We ask that you refrain from including any other personal or identifying information in any photos or other data that you submit through this app. Any such photos/data will be removed from our database and not distributed further.

For the purposes of preventing abuse, we may temporarily monitor client usage statistics, such as your phone model. This is to help us weed out problematic, fraudulent or automated contributions. No such data is redistributed, and we do not retain it in our systems for longer than one week.

All data transmitted via the app uses a secure (HTTPS) connection.

To contact us in relation to data handling/retention requests, please email